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If you do not want to do it online you can make your transfer to the savings account Bancolombia Number 63425630786 in the name of the United for Smiling Foundation.

Help us bring rehabilitation kits to children with cerebral palsy in Colombia DONATE NOW


In Colombia there are 300,000 children with paralysis of whom 70% due to lack of resources cannot be rehabilitated, help us to improve their quality of life  



Imagine that you wanted to move and your body did not respond, and that due to lack of resources you could not do anything to change it, this is what children with low-income cerebral palsy live day by day in Colombia, at KITSMILE we designed the first rehabilitation kit At home, which contributes to development, with our #YOCAMBIOVIDAS campaign, we want to take these kits to rural areas where children do not have access to decent rehabilitation. Imagine that with $ 10,000 pesos you can transform the life of a child with cerebral palsy and his family, help us to do so.

We designed the first comprehensive rehabilitation kit at home with an invention patent, which starts from 3 fundamental positions: feeding, exercises and rest, in which the child receives continuous stimulation, contributing to his motor development and eliminating the cost of transportation, creating the opportunity for rehabilitation. low-income families in rural Colombia.

In addition, our team of professionals offers specialized training for parents, medical and therapeutic, teaching them what exercises they should perform daily and supporting the child's process and the quality of life of his family from the psychological area.

rehabilitación parálisis cerebral
ejercicios parálisis cerebral
Alimentación parálisis cerebral
descanso parálisis cerebral

We want to improve the quality of life of children with cerebral palsy and their low-income families in rural Colombia, giving access to the kit that gives them the opportunity to rehabilitate at home and training their parents to support their process from the start, DONA NOW

niños conparálisis cerebral

Are you ready to change lives?


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