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Juan Camilo Gómez is 6 years old, weighs 10 kilos and measures 93cm, 21 months after being born he had a home accident due to Semi-drowning, the lack of oxygen caused him to now have cerebral palsy.


He lives with his mom and dad in Algeciras Huila, a town near Neiva, Juan's dad is a farmer and his mom is a housewife, who had to quit her job to dedicate herself to her care.

In the town where Juan lives, there are not many opportunities, and many times the resources are not enough, but his parents fight day by day to help him improve.

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Why do you need the rehabilitation kit?

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Luz María: " We need this rehabilitation kit first of all for a better quality of life as much as for me and my son because after the EPS does not generate collaboration with the chair all the time we have to have it in our arms and for That is why we need the kit so that he improves and has better cephalic control, "Juan's mother tells us.

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