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Let's remember what we did this morning. As every day we wake up, we stretch, we get up, we bathe, we dress, we have breakfast, we brush our teeth and we leave our house to the destination we chose.

Now imagine if you want to get up, but you have to wait for someone to pick you up. They are hungry, but they must wait to be fed. Who wants to go out and play, but put them back in bed where they will spend the rest of the day.

I mean

This was the life of Laura, our inspiration, a 5-year-old girl with cerebral palsy. He lived in a rural area of ​​Colombia with his mother and his two brothers. I did not have the resources or the elements to access a rehabilitation program. He spent 24 hours a day in the same position, his body was rigid and his mother only knew that he had a head problem, in December 2015 Laura became an angel.

As Laura 300,000 children in Colombia suffer from cerebral palsy, more than 70% of them live in poverty.

I mean

We were born in 2014 with the aim of improving the quality of life of children and adults with low-income disabilities through programs that involve psychosocial support, training on inclusion, income generation and access to innovative elements that contribute to their rehabilitation. positively impacting their lives and surroundings.

I mean



Bring happiness and an opportunity to improve their quality of life to people with disabilities, through our home rehabilitation kit, our empowerment model and our coordination of actors that allow us to benefit that community in an integral way.

To become the largest social innovation companies in Colombia and the world, through the design of products and models that comprehensively benefit the disabled population of Colombia and the world.

What does KitSmile do?

At KITSMILE we develop multi-functional products for children with disabilities, through our Foundation for the integral development of the community Unidos Para Sonreír we take these solutions to rural Colombia where children do not have the resources to access elements that contribute to their rehabilitation, they live far from specialized centers and their parents do not have the necessary knowledge to contribute to their rehabilitation. through our model we positively impact their quality of life and generate opportunity within their family nucleus giving support through our multidisciplinary team from different areas such as medicine, psychology and occupational therapy

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