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The Personal Information that KITSMILE may collect and submit to Treatment

includes but is not limited to the following:

1. Full name of the Information Holder;

2. Identification;

3. Date of birth;

4. Nationality;

5. Address;

6. Contact address;

7. Contact phones;

8. Email;

9. A username and password to access the online system;

10. Other activities that the Holder carries out and information that he provides

referring to their interests, the behavior and demographics of the same



The personal data of the Clients that KITSMILE has will be treated according to the following purposes for the use of the information:

1. Use of Personal Information by KITSMILE, on the occasion and for the development of its corporate purpose. Give Treatment to the information in any modality, either physical and / or digital, ensuring that they are correctly used by KITSMILE.

2. Contact the Owner in the event that some kind of problem is generated or

inconvenience with Personal Information.

3. Send emails to the Headlines as part of a novelty,

communication, news or newsletter. In each e-mail sent there is the possibility of requesting not to be registered in this email list to stop receiving them, as indicated in the e-mail sent.

4. Give answers to improvement requests, requests, complaints and claims.

5. Contact the Owner to offer marketing and / or product promotion activities, commercial campaigns and special programs generated by KITSMILE or third parties with whom KITSMILE has entered into commercial alliances.

6. Contact the Owner to offer new current or future products and services.

7. Definition of demand and analysis of services provided by KITSMILE.

8. To carry out satisfaction surveys of the services and attention provided.

9. In order to carry out data updates and identification documents.

10. KITSMILE may reproduce, advertise, adapt, extract or summarize, the information collected from the videos uploaded to our fan page; in the conditions established in the current Law and in the complementary provisions. In the same way, you are empowered to dispose of said information for consideration or free of charge under the conditions that your free judgment and legality dictate; what is accepted by the affiliate, from their connection; being the affiliate, expressly empowered, to withdraw his authorization, in the terms of the current and applicable legislation.

11. By pressing the send button, the authorization that is required in accordance with the laws in force is confirmed, for the development of the acts indicated in this section.

12. The PARTICIPANTS of the activity accept that KITSMILE contacts them and sends periodic information by any means.

13. The PARTICIPANT may withdraw from the campaign at any time. To do so, you must send an email to with the subject "unsubscribe" so that we can proceed to delete the content of our social networks.


The rights that KITSMILE Clients have regarding the processing of their personal data are:

  1. Know, update and rectify your personal data. This right may be exercised, among others, against partial, inaccurate, incomplete, fractional data that is misleading, or those whose treatment is expressly prohibited has not been authorized.

  2. Be informed by KITSMILE, upon request, about the existence of data that concerns you and the use that has been made of your personal data.

  3. Submit complaints to the Superintendency of Industry and Commerce for infractions of the Data Protection Law and the other regulations that modify, add or complement it.

  4. Revoke the authorization and / or request the deletion of the data when in the treatment it is considered that the constitutional and legal principles, rights and guarantees are not respected.

  5. The revocation and / or suppression will proceed when the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce has determined that in the treatment the person in charge or the person in charge have incurred in behaviors contrary to this law and the constitution.

These Terms may be consulted at any time on the website and will be updated as there is a change in them.

KITSMILE is governed by Law 1618 of 2013: Rights of persons with disabilities in Colombia


  1. The opinions contained in this message are those of its author and do not necessarily represent the official opinion of the Catholic University of Colombia or its board.

  2. The recipient must verify possible computer viruses in the email or any attachment to it, which is why KITSMILE will not accept any responsibility for damages caused by any virus transmitted in this email.

  3. - The information contained in this message and in the attached electronic files is confidential and reserved, in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution and Law 1273 of January 5, 2009, and is addressed exclusively to its recipient, without the intention that be disclosed or disclosed to other people.

  4. Access to the content of this communication by any person other than the recipient is not authorized by KITSMILE and is sanctioned in accordance with the applicable legal regulations.

  5. Anyone who unlawfully removes, hides, misplaces, destroys, intercepts, controls or prevents this communication, before it reaches its recipient, will be subject to the corresponding criminal penalties. Likewise, the person who discloses or uses the information contained in this communication will incur criminal penalties for his or her own advantage or to the detriment of another.

  6. In particular, the public Internet servers that receive this message are obliged to ensure and maintain the confidentiality of the information contained therein and, in general, to comply with the duties of custody, care, management and others provided for in the disciplinary regime.

  7. If you receive this message by mistake, we ask you to send it back to KITSMILE, to the email address that sent it, and to delete it from your electronic files or destroy it.

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